Thorstarter “Day 0” Guide

Looking to participate in multichain decentralized venture capital? Thorstarter is your platform. Whether you’re an $XRUNE OG or new fren, this thread will answer for you: “What is Thorstarter?” “How do I take part in Thorstarter IDOs?”

“What is Thorstarter?” Thorstarter is a Venture DAO and IDO launchpad. Our community gets exclusive access to limited launches of vetted, pre-market tokens. To join our community, you deposit our $XRUNE token (on Fantom) into our “Forge” contract:

Think of Forge as our “membership contract”, where you lock for a minimum of 15 days and receive APYs. All IDO participants pay a “Forge Fee” on each sale that is distributed as APYs to community members in Forge. In return, you get access to Thorstarter IDOs on all chains

The amount you deposit in Forge will credit you with an “Allocation Multiplier”, which determines the max amount you can participate in each IDO.

If Günter locks 150k XRUNE in Forge prior to a sale, and the base allocation for that sale is $70, he is eligible to register for $2800 ($70x40) of the token in question. Note: Participation is not automatic. Günter must register for an allocation in the days before IDO.

Review: How do you take part in Thorstarter IDOs?

  1. Get XRUNE (Fantom) on SpookySwap
  2. Stake in Thorstarter Forge
  3. Pre-IDO: Register Interest for an allocation in the days before (registration closes 2H before IDO)
  4. IDO Day — Show up with stables on the appropriate chain (@UltiChampsis $USDC on Polygon)
  5. to participate 6. 24h Post IDO — Participate in Leftover FCFS for any unclaimed allocations
  6. TGE Day and onwards — Collect your allocation as it vests from our app.

You can find our top previous + upcoming launches here: Registration is now open for:










More TBA.

SKÅL new frens





Mi pasion aprender cosas nuevas cada dia

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Learning Crypto

Mi pasion aprender cosas nuevas cada dia

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